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In a few seconds, this page will pop up twelve tiny windows and begin visiting every single page on the Bhopal.com website repeatedly and automatically. This repetitive nagging action will, it is hoped, increase your chances of finding on Bhopal.com why Dow is suing Bhopal survivors in Bombay. (You should be able do other work on the side - e.g. browse the competition.)

If your computer can handle it... spawn another multi-visit page just like this one!
(More than 4 is quite difficult for any computer.)

Click here to stop the action and close all the windows. Click here to start again. (Before Dow attempted to counter this action, these pages showed up in a matrix of frames, and there was much less clutter and fuss. But Dow made things complicated by making the Bhopal.com home page take over the browser. For those not interested in greenwashing as an art form, this wasn't very pleasant.)

Important note: If at any point you start to get a lot of time-out or error messages in the pop-ups, then either the Bhopal.com servers are grinding to a halt due to nagging like yours, or they've banned this particular server from nagging. If that is the case, then try here, or download these pages from a location below and try from your local computer:

- dowethics.com/bhopal.com.zip
- thing.net/~rdom/ecd/bhopal.com.zip

Again, do feel free to browse the competition's websites - Bhopal.net or Mad-Dow-Disease.com, for example - so as to assure yourself that Bhopal.com has the highest-grade facts Dow's money can buy.